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For more information about our work or to schedule a presentation for your large group, please e-mail us at You can also find us on Facebook by searching for the group Beauty Redefined or by clicking here!


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  1. Niki says:

    I was so excited to read about your cause this afternoon! Would you be willing to meet with me and take a look at my book/discuss body image with me?

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Niki Bennett, and I am the founder of “Love What You Got!” With the help of some pretty amazing people, my goal is to help women, young and old, learn to love themselves (and their situations in life) exactly the way they are. In my own small way, I hope to help change the world one heart at a time. I envision a world where love replaces hate, envy, greed and competition, a world where that love spreads like wildfire – where all become sisters and brothers working together for a common goal: the welfare and happiness of others. My vision is to change the world, one heart at a time. To this end, I’m writing a number of books (the manuscript for the first book goes to the publisher soon), and creating organic apparel designed to help women everywhere Love What They’ve Got! In addition, I’m planning a number of workshops and other public speaking events aimed at providing women with the tools to create change within themselves and begin a life of peace and contentment.
    Learning to love what you’ve got is a journey, not a destination . . . and the journey is just beginning. You are so inspiring. I’d love to know what you think and hear your ideas on how we can help women everywhere learn to love what they’ve got! I have several ideas that I’m REALLY excited about. I would be honored if you would be willing to meet with me sometime and discuss.

    • Hi Niki, Thanks so much for the compliments! I’m glad you found us. It looks like you’re doing similar work here in SLC too? I checked out your website, and it looks like you’re doing cool things! Lexie and I, or maybe just one of us depending on schedules, would be happy to meet up with you and chat about this. We’re actually doing a presentation tomorrow night at 7 in Highland if you’re interested in attending. The info and directions are listed on our presentation schedule on the website. We’re both super busy at this point because we’re working with Deseret Book on writing a book based on our master’s thesis and presentation, and we both teach at the U and work other jobs on top of that, so time is very limited at this point! I’m sure you know the feeling. Let me know what kind of availability you have and if you might be able to attend the presentation tomorrow night to get a better idea of what we do! Thanks! Lindsay

  2. Troy Henke says:

    Dear Lindsay and Lexie Kite,

    I am an administrator for a public charter school and we would be very interested in hosting you for an all-school (or just for the ladies) assembly. We are a small high school, just 550 students, in South Jordan and we always looking for inspiring and motivational speakers addressing the difficult issues our youth face daily. You were recommended to us by one of our staff members. We would love to hold an assembly in February or March of the new year. I know you are very busy and meeting with us may not be possible, however, if you think you might be able to schedule us in I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me via email.

    Thank you,

    Troy Henke, Ed.D.
    Assistant Administrator
    Paradigm High School

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