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Beauty Redefined on Display: Phase 1

Beauty Redefined Phase 1

This poster represents several aspects of the first focus of the Beauty Redefined program: Recognize Harmful Media Messages

1) Be conscious of the vast amount of media we consume each day, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

2) Understand that today’s concept of “beauty” is much different than it was just 50 years ago – from Marilyn Monroe to Angelina Jolie.

3) Recognize the effects of seeing such unattainable standards of “beauty” and “health” throughout all media. A preoccupation with extreme thinness has taken over our perceptions of what is attractive and healthy.

4) Be aware of this “thin ideal” dominating media, with real-life examples of popular, shrinking celebrities to demonstrate the problem.

5) Know that all media images of women are digitally manipulated, airbrushed and Photoshopped to an unbelievable extent. Nothing we see is real.

Beauty Redefined on Display: Phase 2


Beauty Redefined Phase 2

This poster represents the second phase of the Beauty Redefined program: Rejecting Harmful Messages and Redefining Beauty for Ourselves

1) Recognize that media is a for-profit industry funded by advertisers who greatly benefit from representing an unattainable ideal as normal.

2) Know there is a correlation between how we feel about our bodies and how we treat them. If you feel comfortable with yourself, you will make healthy choices to reflect that!

3) Be critical of all media. Ask yourself what messages it is sending and which messages you might already believe.

4) Recognize the prevalence of degrading, objectifying content in common media outlets and consciously avoid those sources.

5) Use the many strategies available to help us redefine “beauty” and “health”  in our own lives – by thinking beyond dress sizes and beyond ourselves.

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