Audience and Supporter Feedback

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These are a few of the kind words we have received from those in attendance at our presentation and supporters of our cause. Thank you to all who have offered feedback and praise – it means everything to us! We’d love for you to add a comment of your own.

This may seem a little weird coming from a guy, but thank you so much for your work!!! It’s really important to me that there are people out there like you working on redefining body image. Obviously, you put your focus on how women are portrayed, but it resonates with me. I went into recovery from anorexia a little over two years ago and the that journey has led me to a place of completely reinventing my attitude towards my body and self and it’s become of vital importance to me to reinforce those values in people I associate with, but particularly women, because they are attacked so relentlessly by culture and the media. Part of my recovery process was spent participating in group therapy with women that struggled with a variety of eating disorders. They are some of my favorite people in the world, because they were all looking to stand up against the mentality that became their lives.It’s important to me that people know that we can all be positive about our bodies, and we can also respect women for who they are. Thanks again 🙂 I’m a huge fan of your work. -Prefers to Remain Anonymous

I’m a teacher at Paradigm High and you two did a fantastic job. This message needs to be heard and I haven’t heard it so well since when Reviving Ophelia first came out. Someone needs to tell not only our girls, but all those foolish Hollywood types, that there is nothing glamorous, healthy, or sexy about looking like a concentration camp survivor. Thank you. – Kelley P.

I am sitting here overcome with emotion at your article. I am a recovered bulimic. For 17 years I battled this disease. I was bulimic through some of my pregnancies even. For years I despised myself and even with a loving husband and loving Father in Heaven, I couldn’t see my value past what I weighed. Your research on BMI’s has lifted a burden from my shoulders like you can’t imagine. Even as I have grown in acceptance of myself, I had geared myself up to believe that I would have to love myself in spite of what BMI charts said I should be. Knowing that I can disregard them is a freedom I didn’t know I could have. I appreciate your website, your research, your obvious passion for reclaiming self acceptance as women in general. I feel like I have taken a deep long breath after breathing through a straw for too long. Thank you , thank you, thank you! – Amy

I started following your work a while back, and I was always very impressed with it and the things that you girls are helping uncover. I am naturally skinny. I am 5’8” and currently weight about 122 lbs. For me it’s just a little harder to gain the weight, and even when I was younger, and had a very fast metabolism, I fell into the trap. I started modeling very young, and my main ambition was to become a Victoria’s Secret model. Of course, I always felt big and disgusting when I watched the annual fashion show, because my body is “not shaped like that” and I needed “to lose more weight to be accepted as a lingerie model”. Needless to say, I became anorexic at 13 years old, and it took me about 10 years to recover. I still struggle with it, but having articles like yours to read when I feel guilty for eating an Oreo is more helpful than you will ever know. Like it was today. I am a little emotional about this! Thank you for all you have been doing in showing that what we are being fed in spoonfuls by the media is a lie! Keep up the good work! – Carolina W.

I was so glad that someone finally addressed this topic in such a direct way because it is affecting every single woman in America. We sometimes hear the phrase: “Beauty is not on the outside but on the inside” which is a true statement, but not strong enough to convince women who are spoon-fed a completely opposite, man-made concept of what real beauty is. The problem is that we live “in a world where there is a constant flow of media images that far exceeds the number of women we could ever see face to face, creating for us an abnormally thin and digitally enhanced feminine ideal. A counterfeit, dangerous, unattainable norm.” Not only is this the ideal, but it is portrayed as normal and healthy! – Jessica L.

As always, GREAT work being done here. I have loved this project since the moment I heard about it, and I think it’s fantastic that it’s growing and reaching more and more people. Sometimes it is difficult for me with a “societally accepted” body type (I’m a marathon athlete and I come from a genetic line-up of tall and skinny…that shouldn’t make me “worth” more than someone else) to try and be outspoken about these issues because of the “well why should you care…it clearly doesn’t affect you?” response. What I love so much about this project is that it’s not about skinny, not skinny, etc; I feel like it’s about reality and beauty. Not “acceptance”. To accept someone is to imply something is wrong about and/or with them, and that’s not the case! This is an honest message, and the more people who hear it and see it, the better! Great work! – Shea D.

I feel so strongly that I need to add my two cents worth on this subject.  My two teenage daughters and I closely follow the research being done by Beauty Redefined and truly feel empowered by the authors’ message. It has been the basis of very candid discussions within my own family and with other young women that I work closely with. We are enlightened and educated by the authors and are incorporating this knowledge into our lives. We are grateful for the forum that these two women have provided to share their years of research via this website and through their presentations. We are realizing that the beauty standards set by the media are too exceptional and unattainable for even the celebrities themselves, who have been digitally manipulated in order to be featured on the pages and covers of magazines and billboards. Comparing ourselves with and trying to compete with the media’s preset and unattainable definitions of beauty is a pathway to failure. There is an absolute need to redefine beauty in more ways than just appearance and the authors through Beauty Redefined have given us all a ray of hope. You are truly uplifting!! Thank you! – Lori

Lexie and Lindsay, you are both amazing women who are proving that our girls are inundated with negative messages about their bodies and it is taking a toll on all women. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters ages 15 and 18. They are definitely influenced by these messages and they often hate something about themselves. I am also a well educated woman who understands that your research is sound. Although I may be biased as a fellow Ph.D. student, I am well versed in research methods. Your lives are devoted to sound research methods and you have found that negative messages do actually influences our daughters, sisters, and mothers to hate something about themselves. Thank you for all you both do! – Laura D.

Love what you’re doing. I’ve been an unofficial evangelist for this topic since I was in my 20′s. Women are hoodwinked – we’re tricked into thinking these images are the “ideal.’ Women hate themselves because of it. My biggest challenge is teaching my own young daughter that she doesn’t have to be perfect looking, and that attracting the opposite sex should not be her life’s goal. I’ve had a terrible time finding meaningful role models for her to follow in books. Most focus on teeny bopper stars! My hope is to someday create online stories for young girls with a feminist angle. Thanks and keep up the good work! – Suzanne

I received my LDS Living magazine today and couldn’t wait to read your article. Wow, you are amazing. What a wonderful way to present such a timely and important message. Can’t wait to see and read more from you and your sister! You have an important message and all girls should embrace it. – Ann W.

We loved your presentation! Thank you for your contributions to the natural beauty way! – Nicole C.

Love you and you two are doing amazing work. Raising 2 little girls, this makes me feel a lot better about them going out into this mean world. Make your mark you guys!!! Love you!!! – Heather F.

Congrats on your LDS Living article! Soooo good, inspiring, and necessary. Loved it, love you, and your exciting mission! 🙂 – Brittany C.

This is such an important topic. Girls need to learn to be healthy, not skinny- those are two totally different things. As a personal trainer and wellness professional, I try to promote this idea as well. Beauty comes from within and taking care of the body that God has given us. – Melgrow

I read this article just last week in LDS Living Magazine, then I looked down at the author(s) & realized I knew them! These two darling twin sisters are spreading a very important message! I think ALL of us women can appreciate their message, and hopefully take it to heart. Realize, we all have so much to offer, not just the way we look. We must change our own standards of beauty if we want to change the worlds. – Holly

Lexie and Lindsay, it is obvious that you have done so much research on this subject. Not only have you done your research on the media, but on BMI. As an educated person in the fitness industry, I have read countless research on how being thin has far more health risks than being overweight. I also understand why you use the BMI in your research. True it is not an accurate number because it doesn’t take into account the things you mentioned, but it is a standard that is used by many health organizations (American Heath Association, World Health Organization, American College of Sports Medicine, National Sports, National Strength and Conditioning Association) because it is an easy number to calculate unlike body fat percentage. I have also come across a lot of research in my field stating that the images in the media are not ideal, and should not be the foundation for the goals women are trying to reach because they are incredibly unhealthy. I think the research you girls are doing is absolutely amazing, and as a health and fitness specialist, I find the research to be very sound. I’m so glad that you are standing up for women and showing that the media is corrupt, that we can be happy with who we are, and that “beauty” can be found beyond the Victoria’s Secret catalogue. Keep up the great work, girls! – Cindy  

I love your blog! It’s really got me thinking lately and I’m noticing more and more how true your work is. Just wanted to let you know that I think it’s great! I know I don’t know you personally but it’s been awesome reading your stuff! Well keep up the good work! I know we all need it! Your links give me a way to send messages to my family and friends in a non threatening way. Just hope they read it! Anyway, good stuff. Thanks for doing what you do! I like you! – Vanessa

This is a topic about which I feel very strongly. It’s a message that I wish could be explained to every young girl and teen (and their mothers, who might need to hear it even more). – anonymous

This is such a powerful and beautifully written article. I hope this message will continue to be shared with everyone and I applaud Deseret Book and LDS Living for including this important topic in their magazine and on-line. As the mother of two teenage daughters who, like all of us, are being bombarded with these “perfect images” and struggling with feelings of failure and inadequacy when we can’t reach the unattainable level of perfection that the media has set for us, I applaud the insights and the advice contained in the article. We need to be happy with ourselves and love ourselves for who we are, daughters of God, and quit trying to compete with these enhanced images that exist on magazine covers and in other forms of print media. – Kydalco

Thank you for this message. As a photographer, I get so frustrated when a beautiful woman asks me to enhance her to fit the media’s standard. I hope more women embrace this message. – Emily M.

Wonderful message. As a young women leader I am hitting the bookstore to buy a magazine for each of my girls. Thank your for a treating a delicate message in a perfect way. You should be part of the Time Out for Women series,or Especially for Youth. – KuteePi

I found this research very enlightening, even as a male reader. I am glad that this message is being spread. I’ve seen many times where the media’s depiction of how a woman is to look have ruined my friends image of themselves. We are different and beautiful in our own way. Thank you so much for this article. – McKalin

Lexie and lindsay are the coolest! i definitely admire their work on this subject and their words should be heard by as many women as possible. we are not our bodies, we are daughters of god and our bodies are a gift from Him. great work, ladies! – Melanie

This is so inspiring! i truly believe that the media and a focus on women’s appearance and sexuality is a tool that can be used for great evil, to make us forget how much we truly have to offer from our minds and our hearts. This message especially needs to be brought to the attention of young women! I would love to see more on this subject. –  Andrea J.

This article (LDS Living) is well-written on a subject that is important. The authors have presented the delicate topic in a perfect manner relating it to the Gospel and how special a woman is in the sight of God. I read this on the web and looked forward to the magazine. When I received it in the mail and read the article, I was not disappointed. Well, well written. Very intelligent authors. I hope to see more from them! – Mrsward

LOVE THIS! It’s weird how normal all the perfect women’s bodies in media seem in our minds, when really, they’re not normal at all, and they’re not normal for a reason. Too many people make too much money off us feeling bad about ourselves and comparing ourselves to a beauty standard no one will ever reach. Woemn of all ages and men too need to hear this message on a regular basis. Well done! – ARH

Thank you! I love this. This topic is real and needs more people talking about it. – ANJ

This is an amazing article (LDS Living). I have been to one of the Kite’s presentations on the topic and it is amazing. The media has a way of defining many ideologies which may or may not be realistic. Being able to recognize and point out false representations is the first step in taking control of how media affects us and the people we love. I wish all women could read this. It is so so important. I posted it on my blog for all the women I know and love to read. – asampson

I am so pleased to see you bring to light a topic that is so pertinent to LDS women, and look forward to seeing this subject spread to all women. It is about time we readjust our perspectives and take control of what is valued about women. In today’s modern world, we are accosted by constant media. It seems so crucial that empowering messages for women, such as this article, be just as constant to combat the ill effects the flooding of media no doubt imparts on our society. Good work girls, look forward to hearing much more from you. – Jolyn S.

Man, I wish I read & took this to heart years ago! Going to modeling & beauty school, they tell you what is beautiful & that you’re not beautiful unless you do this, this, & this. Beauty Redefined was an amazing article. I haven’t had the chance to read the whole thing but the first paragraph has caught my attention. Please take a few minutes to read it. Hopefully you’re already smart enough & haven’t given in to what the world says is beautiful. – Danielle

As a freshman in college, I deal with the infamous “Freshman Fifteen” with all of my friends. I’ve learned that it can either be a weight loss or gain, but either can be equally dangerous. Each girl seems so concerned about becoming ‘perfect’ before her time is up and she’s too old and ugly for a man, that she tries everything possible, including awful diets, revolting pills, and personal insults to try and shave off the pounds. She might spend an extensive amount of money on worthless beauty products, but if she gets the attention of a boy, it all seems worth it. We need to know that, yes eternal marriage is extremely important, but that if a man isn’t going to love us for who we are on the inside, regardless what we look like, we’ll be miserable. Especially if we’re hollow from the empty efforts on our exterior. I know we need good examples to love their bodies so we can be courageous enough to do so as well! – Curlimee

This is for EVERY woman. Raise your glass to crushing what has become the social norm, and to being curvy, truly health conscious, and to learning to love who you are RIGHT NOW. You are beautiful. Embrace it! – Keely S.

Love this. We were not Created to become Fat Free, Silicone Enhanced Women. We are REAL women. REAL women, have stretch marks, cuddly squishy soft spots to lay your head on and be comforted and nurtured; we have wrinkles, from laughing and crying and worrying…I’m PROUD OF MY MARKS! They tell the measure of my person. They mean I have LIVED! ♥ – Amanda F.

Men and Women alike should hear this. We shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that the media’s standard of beauty is what we have to live up to. We can make a difference to “Re-define Beauty!” Very excellent work Lexie and Lindsay! – Amber P.

I’ve been following y’all’s work for a while. I’ve had some interesting experiences that make me care about this issue. I’m obviously coming from a different perspective than you are, and I love hearing your perspectives. Keep up the good work! – Rick

I read your article for LDS living, and I was very impressed. There is a lot of truth in that article, and espesialy us older LDS singles see how we are tricked into a false sense of what beuty really is. Well any way I enjoyed reading it. – Daniel

I couldn’t wait to get home from the UCAP conference in St. George tonight to tell you that we talked to several people about the awesome Kite sisters we met at the Lighted Candle Society dinner. You should be getting some calls for speaking opportunities! We think you are awesome! -Becky P.

Thank you Lexie and Lindsay for your amazing research and efforts! I stopped by your table last night and was so happy to find out about your cause. This is wonderful, empowering and important. -Wendy A.

Carry on in your great work!  Our young women and men –and their parents–need to have an “attitude transplant.” -Kathryn B.

LOVED your article in LDS Living!!! It was exactly what I needed to hear! You guys ROCK! – Holly B.

I couldn’t go to your presentation, but I sent our Beehive Advisor and she loved it! She said it was awesome and really made one think.  I wish I could have been there … she was very impressed. I think your presentation would be perfect for moms and daughters — something these young girls can attend with their mothers, where follow-up discussions can take place at home. -Hope T.

Thank you for this website! I especially relate to your message “you can love your own body and feel beautiful even if you don’t look like a Barbie doll.” This is the kind of thinking I’m trying to put into action in my own life and a concept like this with the work you’ve put behind it relates really well to the piece I’m working on. -Lindsay H.

I believe that it is a critical topic. We (all, also men) must learn very well the implications of the evil distortion of body image. I am myself a victim. Thank you for your great work. Keep it up!!! We need more LDS valiant women like you! -Joaquin

Holy smokes I am really really excited about this! I think there is a huge need for young women (and even older) to accept that poor body image and body dissatisfaction is a huge problem that will just keep growing — I think that too many choose to not address it or just to ignore it. It is such a huge trap in so many ways — just like you said, we’ll never get to where we need to be or be able to reach our full potential if we’re so hyper focused on trivial things. I could go on and on-but I think we’re on the same page 🙂 – Laurel

Oh goodness! How does the media NOT change our perception of beauty? Not only has it changed what we think is beautiful, but I think it has severely limited our ability to recognize how much beauty there is. There is no way a few magazines or TV shows could capture all the beauty in the world. – Deb M.

Awesome article! I will definitely have to go buy the real thing. What you and Lindsay do to help women is such a great thing! I’m so proud of you girls! – Cindy

This is so exciting. I’m so thrilled for you two. Having struggled with these kinds of issues a lot as a youngster, I can say for sure what you are doing is very important. Obviously others think so as well. Congrats! -Mikaylie K.

You girls do such important work. -Maria B.

Thank you for this! Young people all over the world are throwing away love, knowledge and rich, full lives in exchange for “hotness.” So grateful to find there are others who feel the same way I do about this subject! -Silver Chalice

I attended your presentation several weeks ago on a Sunday night at a multi-ward fireside. Thanks for the presentation; it is such an important topic to address! I’m so grateful that you have taken the initiative to teach and bless lives in this way! I hope that you will realize your desires to help and that you will be a means of helping men and women to recognize the false and misleading conception of beauty presented by the media, and to realize what true beauty really is! -Josh

Great work. These women were much more restrained in their criticism of the media than I generally am. I believe our media is an integral part of “. . . evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days . . .” D&C 89:4. – Andrea

I was in the audience at your presentation last night in Highland – thank you so much to you both! What a difference you have made in my life. My resolve to avoid the superficial and strive for real beauty has deepened. My husband and I had some great conversations about several of the topics your research covers. …How I wish that all girls, teens and women had the opportunity to hear your message. What a worthwhile work you are doing. Thank you, thank you! -JoAnn Carter Stevenson

Thank you so much for your presentation at the Heber Valley Camp on June 1st. As a mother of three teenaged daughters and as a leader in the young women’s organization, I can tell you that this message is truly needed. Your voices must be heard. I was very touched by your presentation and appreciate your research and experience. I am so grateful that my daughters were present during this presentation, most especially my 13 year old daughter who really struggles with her body image (as do we all at one time or another). I want all the young women in my life to hear your message. I will continue to view this site for a schedule update and then bring all of them to a presentation that is open to the public. Thanks again! -Jennifer Thomas

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation tonight! I wish more people had been able to come hear what you had to say. You two are doing a great thing! Keep at it! -Rachel Nell Pearce

Great work!  This is such a problem and this message really hits the mark with its description. – Lance W.

I was so excited to read about your cause this afternoon! You are so inspiring. I’d love to know what you think and hear your ideas on how we can help women everywhere learn to love what they’ve got! I have several ideas that I’m REALLY excited about. I would be honored if you would be willing to meet with me sometime and discuss. -Niki Bennett

I wish I were in Utah and could see your presentation! Fantastic links and pictures. I would love share this message with a group of teenage girls out here in Georgia. Do you have anything prepared that I could use?  -Krista Bowles Ringger

I totally knew about how magazines and such photoshop pictures but to see it with my own eyes….it makes a difference. Thanks for this positive work you girls are doing. I hope that this reaches many ears….because this affects women all over the world, especially our little girls. Thanks I hope the world of “what is …considered beautiful” is changed by the time my four yearold reaches her preteen years. Good luck! Thanks! -Amy Hill Gibson

I think you two are absolutely awesome. You are such great examples of strong, capable women. I love the message that you are sharing with the women around you. I attended your presentation and it definitely has impacted me. I notice more lately in commercials and media and I can now point out how they are detrimental to women. Another thing I have thought about since your presentation is the balance between loving yourself as you are, but also making sure you are being healthy and taking care of yourself physically. I am working on my Ph.D. in Health Promotion and Education and I think that this is something that needs to be addressed. I admit that I have not come up with an answer yet that I am satisfied with, but your presentation definitely made me think about many good things. Thank you! Keep up the great work. -Shae Ashby

YES, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!! PLEASE KEEP IT UP! I can’t say I’ve been to one of the seminars, but just the fact that this group exists and that you girls are doing something, going public, and drawing awareness, is fantastic! It’s about time! It’s very empowering actually! ♥ ♥ ♥ -Sara Villella

Lindsay and Lexie- you two are amazing!!! I wish every woman in the world could hear your presentation and feel validated and beautiful! My favorite part is when you point out how men can be so successful and famous when they don’t necessarily fall into the “Hot” category (look at Donald Trump, and then think of his …wives!). That really hit home for me as a scientist. It’s the dumbest thing, but women are judged whether or not their presentation will be worthwhile based on their appearance before they even begin! Male professors can be amazing teachers even if they’re unattractive, while no one wants to take a class from “the ugly, fat lady.” It’s more than unfair, it’s ridiculous! Keep up the good work, you’re voices need to be heard!! -Cindy Taylor

I’m a life coach and image consultant. I know that how we look at ourselves and the inner dialogue we carry on has more to do with how effective we are in our relationships, our education and our work and personal lives. It is an extrodinary topic and I am thrilled you are doing the work you are to carry the message …forward. Each of us are much better than what we think, and especially better than what we are TOLD. -Marsha Grover Steed Keller

I am writing my research paper about this topic and I was wondering if you could give me a book reference that would be good to use in my paper. And after listening to yall talk the other night I really feel a lot batter about myself! Thank you sooo much!!! -Mikell Benson

Thank you so much Lexie and Lindsay! Your presentation is fantastic and I was so glad I got to hear it. I’ve been talking about it with my family and while it’s a really grim situation, I personally feel really empowered. Great job! -Aly Lambert

You came and talked at ar YW group last night and i just have to thank you for how great it was!!!!! my friends and I were totally talking about it the next day at school!!!! -Marissa Anne Frasier

Great work you two, and I wish you nothing but the best! Keep it going!  -Shea Donato

This is an amazing project. Thank you so much for doing it. -Whitney Hulet

Way to go you two! I would love to see your presentation some time. Keep me posted if you are ever up this way. -Sabrina Vasquez

This is Wonderful! -Kathryn Robinson

I would LOVE to hear your presentation sometime! You girls are awesome. Way to get out there and stand up for women! -Cindy Balling

Lindsay and Lexie, I love what you girls are doing with this!! I would love to hear your presentation sometime! If you make it over to Boise, please let me know so I can attend! You two are great!! Keep up the good work!  -Kristen Fell Powell

You should come down to Vegas and present here!!!! -Lori Andersen

The presentation was amazing! I’m telling my sisters about it. -Heather Berg

Thank you so much for the fireside presentation. You girls ROCKED it! -Eric Rice

I think you should come to Idaho Falls and do one. Soon! -Emily Morgan Downey

I am very inspired and intrigued with your commitment, work, and purpouse. I too as I am a wellness coach interact with many women, and men who their relationship to food and body image has been distorted and is unrealistic and unhealthy. There have been many occasions where people ask if I can help them be ‘under’ weight, I simply reply I won’t help them. If they’d like to reach a healthy weight, in a healthy way, that I am willing to coach people with 🙂 It is devastating to see so many who buy into media ideals. I stopped buying fashion magazines a LONG time ago! I also studied related body image/food addiction/media and such at the U. I love who you are 🙂 Rock on in Alaska! I hope to get to know you better soon as women committed to making an impact in this realm 🙂 -Heather Houston

I was at the presentation you did for the North Canyon Stake young women last fall. It was WONDERFUL! Thank you. Best wishes in all your amazing work. -Debbie Hammon

Thanks again for presenting your thesis research to my class. The students loved it!! Seriously, after you left, the students–even the two men–talked for an hour about their body image issues and the role media has played in their lives. Very cool! Several students are interested in writing essays about their experiences with media/body image issues, so we have pull something together for an online book from the class. I’ll keep you posted.  -Brenda Cooper

I actually was at the Stake R.S presentation you did last night. I really enjoyed it, and actually have to write a research paper, and have been trying to figure out a topic. I really want to delve into misinterpretation of women in the media. Do you have references on some of the stats you had? Any information I could use?? Thanks again!!! And excellent job again! -Hannah Hepworth

You have an incredible amount of information that needs to get out to many, many people.  It is information that is counteractive to all of the propaganda that is controlling our society. You  girls are great!! I think that your efforts can be very effective in helping you with your “mission” and book.  Good luck. -Barbara D.

I was so impressed with your presentation….You are Awesome! I can’t wait for the girls to hear it. I am so excited for this message to get to our girls. I believe that they really need this. ….Thank you for being so giving with you time and talents. -Tamara K.

I just wanted to say belatedly that I really enjoyed your fireside Sunday! I knew Marilyn Monroe would be fat by today’s standards, but I didn’t know how much worse it had gotten within just the last decade. Also, should I throw a molatov cocktail at l’oreal? cause I SO want to start the revolution! – Jacob B.

You pretty much rock. Thanks for the sharing your personal insight and research last night. love it. -Sheryl Tubbs

You girls did such a fabulous job tonight!! Congratulations again on your Deseret Book opportunity!!! -Jenn Curtis


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